WVU Alert


Cell phone numbers for all current students are automatically subscribed to WVU emergency alerts. You may opt-out by:

  • Replying to a WVU Alert text with ‘OPTOUT’.
  • Texting ‘OPTOUT’ to 79516 at any time.
  • Logging in to e2Campus and modifying preferences: Select ‘Services’ in the top menu, and then choose ‘Make Inactive’ or ‘Delete’ for SMS or e-mail.

You may also change your phone number or add a second number by updating your information in e2Campus.

Please note: Depending on your personal cell phone plan, there may be a nominal fee from your carrier to receive text messages, but WVU does not charge for this service.

Faculty & Staff Sign Up

Faculty and Staff

Sign up to receive emergency alerts on your cell phone. Once your number is enrolled, you will get a text message each time an emergency alert is sent to the campus community.

Alert FAQS | Alert Definitions | Validation Info


LiveSafe App

Members of the WVU community are encouraged to download the LiveSafe App, a free mobile application for Apple and Android devices. LiveSafe creates a two-way channel of communication between the community and safety officials. Use LiveSafe to report crimes, safety hazards, or suspicious activity.